Statement from Magma regarding Thunderbolt 2,12th June 2013


"Since we used a PCIe card as our Thunderbolt interface, it will be a easy swap out for us to convert our current Thunderbolt expansion chassis to be Thunderbolt 2. This means that the look of the chassis won't change. We'll use the same enclosures.


Our ExpressBox 3T and ExpressBox 1T will support Thunderbolt 2 after we complete the required Thunderbolt Compliance testing with Intel and Apple. As you know, there are no Thunderbolt 2 computers available yet, but as soon as they are available, Magma will be ready with Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis.


This is one of the main reasons why we designed our first generation Thunderbolt expansion this way, the upgrade process is as easy as swapping out a PCIe card.”

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