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This page is a list of things I have created which I don’t expect to sell in large numbers, or which have a limited shelf life, so I have not put them onto the main web store. To purchase any of them email me directly on



Resolve DCTL files (mathematical “LUTs” – Resolve Studio only):



An alternative to the Resolve built-in ALEXA IDT, which as of v12.5b2 is EI1000



Sony S-Log3 / S-Gamut3.Cine ACES IDT

DCTL version of the official Sony IDT, not provided with Resolve. Can also be used in place of the built in Sony RAW IDT, giving improved results (tested in 12.5.5) NO LONGER NEEDED IN RECENT RESOLVE VERSIONS



RED Wide Gamut RGB / Log3G10 ACES IDT

DCTL IDT based on RED's Log3G10/RED Wide Gamut white paper



Fuji F-Log / F-Gamut ACES IDT

DCTL IDT based on Fuji's white paper



DJI D-Log / D-Gamut ACES IDT

DCTL IDT based on DJIs white paper, with adjustable exposure level



HLG (camera) ACES IDT

DCTL IDT based on BT.2100, with adjustable exposure level



ACES Utility Conversions

Conversions between ACES linear, ACEScg, ACEScc, ACEScct and DaVinci ACES



Resolve PowerGrades:


ALEXA LogC to Video non-clamping transform

Alternative to the built-in LogC to Video LUT with near-identical appearance, but contructed from standard Resolve nodes so it can be tweaked and does not clamp. Also includes P3 version.



ST2084/Rec.2020 ACES ODT

ACES ODT for a common HDR format which not originally included in Resolve. Also includes an SDR simulation ODT for monitors set to HDR.


(reduced price)




Matrix DRX creator

OS X utility for taking a 3x3 matrix created in e.g. Nuke or a spreadsheet and converting it into a DRX file to load the precise values into the Resolve RGB Mixer.